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Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory (CACD)



Where to go in Cornwall

There is so much to see and do in Cornwall, whether you wish to paint, draw or are just looking for inspiration.


Art galleries

There are a huge diversity of art galleries thoughout Cornwall and numerous art exhibitions where you can buy art and be inspired to be even more creative.

Art and craft events

Visit the Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory (CACD) for lots more ideas of where to go and what to do in Cornwall.

National Trust

The National Trust has a very big presence in Cornwall. It owns and manages many large areas of outstanding natural beauty throughout Cornwall and many historic buildings.

Cornish beaches

There are miles and miles of beaches in Cornwall, they have inspired countless numbers of artists from all over the world. For information on over 150 beaches around the Cornish coast visit the Cornwall Beach Guide website.

The Eden Project

With the magnificant domes of the Eden project and the vast array of botanical subjects, Eden has to be on most people's 'must do' list when they visit Cornwall.